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Your attorneys should care more about partnering with you to win your dispute than billing as many hours as possible. At Buck Keenan LLP, that has been our philosophy for more than 25 years: you never have to doubt whose interests are driving our hard work. We are a broad-based business litigation firm located in downtown Houston with the resources and expertise to counsel our clients, to win their cases and to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Buck Keenan offers personalized legal counsel to a wide spectrum of clients and industries, from individuals to Fortune 100 companies and governmental entities. First and foremost, we are trial lawyers that increasingly rare breed that knows the difference between busy work and efforts needed to really accomplish the client’s goal.

Experienced in handling matters throughout the U.S. and in international arbitration, we also assist out-of-state and foreign parties in need of counselors familiar with Texas courts and judges. When you call on Buck Keenan, you can be assured that our personal, nimble and customized approach to resolving legal issues yields the best results for our clients.

What's New

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