Month: January 2015

DeAyala Congratulated for Excellent Results

Buck Keenan congratulates partner Mano DeAyala for a series of excellent results for his clients, including the following:

East Texas royalty litigation: In a lawsuit claiming breach of lease and trespass, DeAyala represented fifteen royalty owners and obtained a favorable seven-figure settlement.

California power generation plant: DeAyala prosecuted claims of defective construction and negligent operation of systems and obtained a favorable seven-figure settlement.

Monetary awards on summary judgment: With the assistance of associate Ted Keenan, DeAyala obtained six-figure awards in two different cases at the summary judgment stage. One judgment was recently affirmed on appeal.

Real estate brokerage: Also with the assistance of Ted Keenan, DeAyala defended a real estate brokerage client against claims of fraud, DTPA and negligence, and secured dismissal of the lawsuit on summary judgment.

The firm appreciates Mano’s efforts and wishes him continued success in 2015.

Buck Keenan Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago, founding partners John H. Buck and James Keenan, along with two colleagues, decided they could better serve their clients by leaving the big-firm environment and opening a boutique firm. Buck Keenan is now celebrating twenty-five years of success.

We are grateful to all of the loyal clients who have placed their trust in us. We also appreciate the many referring attorneys who rely on us to obtain excellent results for their clients and friends.

This New Year is special for us, and we look forward to a successful 2015 and to our next 25 years.