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Andrew Wright Obtains TRO for Alzheimer’s Association of Houston

On May 2, 2014, Andrew Wright secured a temporary restraining order (“TRO”) in Cause No. 2014-24906, Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association, Inc. – Houston v. 5959 Long Investments, LLC, in the 270th District Court of Harris County, Texas, for client the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association, Inc. – Houston (“Alzheimer’s Association of Houston”), enjoining an adjacent landowner from continuing use of a pipe that encroached the property line and was dumping waste on the Alzheimer’s Association of Houston’s property which is the location of its newly renovated regional headquarters.

At the contested hearing, Wright argued the neighbor’s continued use of the pipe would cause the Alzheimer’s Association of Houston immediate and irreparable harm by either causing sewage to openly flow onto the property in violation of various City of Houston ordinances or forcing the Alzheimer’s Association of Houston to capture and dispose of the sewage at its own expense. In granting the TRO, Judge Weiman ordered the Defendant to cease: (1) continuing use of the sewer line at issue until it could be repaired to flow directly into the City of Houston sewer system or causing anything including sewage from flowing onto the property; and (2) otherwise interfering with the Alzheimer’s Association of Houston’s ownership or possession of the property. Bond of $500 was executed and filed.

On May 16, 2014, the TRO was converted to a Temporary Injunction and trial is set for November 3, 2014 before Judge Gamble. The lawsuit includes claims for trespass, trespass to try title, and tort per se, and seeks permanent injunctive and declaratory relief, damages, court costs and attorneys’ fees.


Buck Keenan partner Lesley Little won a jury trial in Harris County’s 133rd District Court. Les and his client alleged that the defendant welder and his employer negligently started a fire while working on a sandblasting cabinet. The defendants denied the claims and their insurer refused to make any settlement offers. The jury found both the welder and his employer negligent, and they awarded $198,000 to compensate the Plaintiff for smoke damage to his property.

$1.2 Million Settlement for Ike Insurance Claim

A Houston real estate developer sued its insurance company for underpayment and non-payment of policy benefits after 2 office buildings suffered heavy roof and exterior damages during Hurricane Ike. After the case had been pending for over a year, the parties mediated without success. The client then turned to Buck Keenan partner Lesley Little to take over the litigation. After only 4 months, Les was able to settle the case for over a million dollars.

DeAyala Prevails in Landmark Housing Discrimination Case

After three years of litigation in state and federal court including a jury trial, Federal Judge Kenneth M. Hoyt for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas dismissed a housing discrimination and conspiracy lawsuit filed by Anthony G. Petrello against Matthew W. Prucka, his wife, their real estate professionals, Heritage Texas Properties and Peggy McGee, and the purchaser of their historic home.  (more…)