The Buck Keenan philosophy is simple:

  • Efficiency breeds effectiveness. By pairing legal matters with attorneys best suited to handle them, we deliver targeted strategies in a timely, no- nonsense approach designed for a successful outcome.
  • Results matter. Our “can-do” approach means focusing on getting things done, not just talking about them. When it comes to the law, we do for our clients what they cannot do for themselves.
  • Client satisfaction is the end game. Dispute resolution and aggressive advocacy in or out of the courtroom is what drives us. That’s why our partners are accessible and responsive wherever and whenever needed. We help clients make well-informed decisions on moving forward with litigation, and we have the flexibility to offer alternative fee structures in appropriate cases.
  • Relationships count. We are smart lawyers and good guys who care about building long-term relationships. That means we are guided by integrity, honesty and transparency. We do the right thing when it comes to our clients and ourselves.

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Buck Keenan - Philosophy